среда, 23 октября 2013 г.

No More Looking for Riches in Niches

Too Many Interests I quit looking for a niche to write about. After the time I spent looking for one certain thing to write about, i have made the determination the world is too big to focus on one.

 This is a Article Marketing Blog This hit me like a jackhammer this morning, this realization of writing articles is not about niche finding, SEO work, or building the perfect website. Marketing articles is about getting the word out to the mass of people looking for an answer or an idea, or even a slight bit of entertainment. I was blinded by the very thing that I warn other people about. Strive for Perfection, But Don't Expect Perfect Learning from mistakes, or errors in judgment are valuable lessons. The sad part is some people never learn, or spend too much time making corrections. I finally caught on to what I was doing wrong, but now that I have made the corrections, I can move on. Pretending It's Day 1 A person can always claim it's a new beginning. However, even if there is such a thing, there is only one beginning. Perhaps the word restart would be better. Summation If you write and market articles for a living, don't worry so much about What to write about. There is plenty of subject material in the world to choose from. Concentrate on the How can I write about it Of course, this is only my opinion. You might have a different one, and that's cool with me.

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