пятница, 22 декабря 2017 г.


I make resolutions a couple times a year, but I really like making good New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s my list so far, and I’m sure that it will change forms over the coming weeks and I’m sure that I will fall short of my goals, but I like making them anyways.

1 – I will clean up more around the house. That means I will do more dishes and do more laundry and clean out the cat’s litter box more often and actually use these new things called “hangers” to keep my clothes nice.

2 – I will get to work closer to the time I’m actually supposed to be there and I will have my hours “bank” at work evened out ASAP.

3 – I will take better care of my health by eating better, sleeping more, taking vitamins and actually exercising more often – or at least not complaining when I have to walk a lot on a given day.

4 – I will actually get out of bed sooner each morning and try not to let my alarms go off for an hour and a half every morning.

5 – I will read my Bible and other devotional and spiritual help books every week. And while this resolution is lower on the list, it most certainly is the most important resolution for 2006. I usually go through phases with my Bible reading, but I want to develop more consistent habits with it.

6 – I will encourage Brian to read his Bible more often and I will encourage him to read devotional and spiritual help books, too. I will encourage him to engage in devotional and prayer time with me whenever we have time – at least every weekend. I will not nag him about it, but lovingly encourage him about it. And, like number 5 on my list, this is probably just as important to me and my life as number 5 is.

7 – I will finish the second book of my scrapbooking of my Russian trip.

8 – I will start scrapbooking of my Japan trip.

9 – I will start and get more than half-way done with my next crocheting project.

10 – I will get my wedding photos and put them in frames and decorate my house.
11 - I will continue my effort to keep in touch with my friends and I will try to reach other friends that I haven't reconnected with yet.

Ok, that’s my list so far. I’m sure they’ll keep developing.

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