пятница, 22 декабря 2017 г.


Ok, so I went last Thursday to have my mole removed and I’ve been in constant pain ever since.  I know it’s supposed to be a simple procedure, and overall it really was a simple procedure. 

  But, they ended up cutting a lot more skin around the mole than I thought they would and I ended up with a lot more stitches than I thought I would (20 altogether -7 under the skin and 13 on the surface of the skin).  And I don’t know if they hit a nerve or what but my whole left shoulder all the way to my hand was in excruciating pain.  It hurts so bad to walk or to bend over or to do anything else that stretches my skin in the least.  I ended up taking two days off from work and the normal weekend off.  The time away from work was nice, but I can’t exactly say that it was enjoyable. 

   Saturday night we went up to Mt. Pleasant to see Brian’s friends from college.  There was a big group of us that went to dinner together and it was fun to catch up with all the other married couples (the guys have all been in each other’s weddings as either groomsmen or ushers).  We went to our friends’ houses after dinner and just hung out.  It was fun, but I was in pain. Oh well.
       Sunday we had church, which was also painful to sit through.  Not because I don’t love church, though – but standing up and sitting still for so long was tough on me.  Sunday afternoon we tried to run errands, but I ended up having to sit in the car for some of it.  I finally got some good quality sleep in the past few days, but the waking hours were really rough on me. 

     I get my stitches out tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens.  I just have about a week to go before the lab should know if it was a cancerous mole or not.  I don't even want to think about that though.

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